TuiI am a professional photographer based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  My speciality is people, whether natural or posed. I am available for commissioned work, both personal or commercial.  I also do a range of landscape and nature photography.

Contacting me

Phone: 021 221 7148

Postal: P O Box 33 335 Barrington Christchurch 8244

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  • Backing up large amounts of image data

    I have spent a few days reorganising my disk storage, and I learned a few things which are worth sharing. You will need some technical skills with Windows to understand this, and you will need to search for more details. I have included a few links to get you started. I have about 8-10TB of data, mostly photos and videos, on Windows 10. I trialed a recommended online service, BackBlaze, which looks excellent but unfortunately it would take several years to upload. We are still on ADSL broadband. I also worry how long it would take to recover a large chunk of data if they happened. BackBlaze might have a place but not for all my data. One of my issues with Windows Backup (Windows 7) is that it cannot span disks. As it adds changes to files, the backup grows larger than the source. I kept getting messages that the target disk was too small for the backup. So I stumbled upon Storage Spaces. This seemed like a great solution in standard Windows. The idea is you can group disk drives together and treat them as one. When you start to run out of space, you will get a […]